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Yogi B Manufacturing


At Yogi B Manufacturing we make a range of yoga mat bags, meditation cushions, eye pillows, and back pack bags. All orders are made up according to individual tastes and colour combinations. Each order is handmade with love and care.

* Yoga mat bags have side pockets to carry your keys, cellphone, eyepillow etc. The yoga mat bags are supplied with an affirmation card especially "intuited" for the new owner.

* Meditation cushions are firm yet comfortable to use for long periods of sitting, and can also be two toned.

* Eye pillows are luxuriously covered and gently infused with rose oil to help with relaxation. 



Standard Yoga Mat Bag  19cm  R250

X Large Yoga Mat Bag    24cm  R350 (can fit your blanket as well)

Meditation Cushion                    R395

Eye Pillows                                R  65


Yoga Meditation Benches          R200

MatRaps                                    R120

Yoga Meditation


  NEW MatRap
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