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                                                     Our Teachers

Originally qualified as a Beauty Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Nail Technology lecturer, and later as a Quantum Touch Practitioner. Bev started practicing yoga in 2001. As of 2008 during her 2 year Yoga Teacher Training course, (in accordance to Swami Satyananda Bihar School of Yoga) she started teaching a dedicated yoga class once per week, and doing a bit of freelance teaching. At the beginning of 2014 she opened her own studio....Yogi B...with the desire to create an all encompassing holistic yoga centre.
From a small child, Bev was interested in yoga and yoga philosophy, and on starting a regular practice, realised that yoga was to be her life path. Yoga has cultivated in her a more compassionate and conscious way of life. She maintains yoga is a way of life and one of the great gifts of life.
Bev enjoys and has full appreciation for both the classical Hatha Yoga, with its slow and mindful pace as well as the dynamic more intense Ashtanga Yoga  - each in their own way able to develop the rhythm, flow and focus that is needed to create the connection between body, mind and spirit.
Using Breath , Asana and Meditation we find peace, harmony and balance in life.
Coming from her Aromatherapy background and deep interest in crystals, she has developed her own style of Aroma Yoga. 
Bev is also passionate about energy healing, as well as chakra clearing and balancing.
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