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                      The Studio


Yogi B is a comfortable home based carpeted studio. We offer various styles of yoga to suit your needs. We provide mats and blankets if needed.


Our Library

We have a small library, for those interested in yoga philosophy. We also have loads of yoga magazines to browse through. 

Our Store

Our retail shelf sells incense, charcoal, camphor, statues, aroma candles, some jewellry, pashminas etc together with the yoga mat bags, meditation cushions and eye pillows.


What should I wear?

Please dress comfortably. Wear loose fitting clothes or clothes made of stretch fabric. Tracksuit pants and T-shirts work well. Please remove your shoes before entering into the yoga area. 


What should I bring with?

Your mat.

You are welcome to bring a water bottle, towel and meditation cushion

During winter time bring a warm and comfy blanket. 

We do have mats and blankets for those who are new and haven't yet purchased them or if you maybe forget to bring yours with.


What should I do when I arrive at the studio?

Switch your cellphone off!!

Remove your shoes.

We start exactly on the time as advertised. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start so as to settle in and begin to relax. 

The breathing and relaxation at the beginning is an important.part of the yoga practice.

If you are late please enter quietly and settle yourself with as little disturbance as possible to the rest of the class

Are there any precautions?

Do not eat for at least one hour before class as you might become nauseous during the class. An empty stomach works the best.

At all times remember to listen to your body. We all have good days and bad days and sometimes the body does not want to perform as well as it did the day before. Honour your body, treat it with respect and kindness. Do not push your body to beyond what it is capable of.

A regular yoga practice will allow your body to achieve significant and longstanding benefits.





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