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​Yogi B Holistic Yoga Studio is a comfortable home based studio offering various styles of yoga to suit your needs. Enjoy a nurturing and blissful experience and before rushing off to continue with your busy day, take a moment or two to join us for a "tea of the day". This tea ceremony will give you the time to slowly readjust and absorb your practice, before taking on your daily challenges.
         FIRST CLASS FREE!​​​​


IWe work with all levels of ability. So it doesn't matter if you cannot touch your toes. You don't need to be bendy or supple. Yoga will help to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, memory and immune system,                           allowing for an improved quality of life.


        RELAX                   REDUCE STRESS          REJUVENATE


                             FEEL ENERGISED AND ALIVE


                                 RESTORE YOUR SANITY



What is Aroma Yoga?

As with your traditional yoga practice, aromatherapy strives to support the wellbeing of your mind, body and spirit.


Combining aromatherapy and yoga can powerfully enhance the journey of yoga.


Allow these beautiful, soothing aromas to fill your senses and work their magic as you step onto your mat and move through your practice.  

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